EPA RRP Training

EPA Certified Renovator Training Throughout Florida, and Tennessee plus other states without their own state-run programs

If you are interested in having or sponsoring a class close to your location, call Perry Brake at 352-495-8266 or send email to:

Current Scheduled Classes

Since the demand for the RRP initial class is low, we concentrate on bringing this class to locations that need training. If you are a single contractor, perhaps you can gather some other contractors together to make the minimum required to bring the class to you. The minimum depends on how far we have to travel. This works well with local builder's and contracting groups.

Original certificates are good for five years. The earliest certificates that were issued will be expiring soon. If you took the original course in 2009/2010, you will need to take a refresher class very soon.


EPA RRP Refresher Training - You MUST bring a copy of your current Certificate showing you took the Initial Class. This certificate will have your picture on it and WE WILL NEED TO KEEP IT for our records. If you have lost your initial certificate, contact the class provider immediately. If AMRC was the provider, we will need the date you took the class and your full name. There will be a $25 fee for replacing a certificate. Be prepared to show photo ID.

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